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Senyk "White Aster..."
Maria presented her Photo Album on Jun 8, 2010 at the Ukrainian National Museum, Chicago.


Photo Album of Iryna Senyk's White Aster of Love Book Project by the UCWLC St. Demetrius Branch, Toronto (1989-1992 and beyond) by Maria Rypan. PowerPoint.

Maria specially prepared and presented this on Feb. 8, 2010 to members of the Ukrainian Catholic Womens League of Canada, St. Demetrius Branch, as a reminder of the immense project undertaken in 1989 and its far-reaching consequences.

On occasion of Irynas passing, it was a perfect time to review the accomplishments; a chance to see everyone younger and pay tribute to those who departed.


White Aster of Love presentation of a photo album at the Ukrainian National Museum by Maria Klimchak.
Time and Events (Chas i podii). Chicago: #2010-22, Jun. 6, 2010. Print & Web.

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White Aster of Love
Project (1989-1992)
by Maria Rypan.
Ukrainian Echo (Homin Ukrainy).
Toronto: Vol. LXII, #8 (3348), Feb. 23, 2010: 7.

Maria wrote of how her volunteering as a designer for recreating contemporary fashions for UCWLC, St. Demetrius branch in Toronto, evolved into an extraordinary project.

It mushroomed from simply designing dresses from smuggled fashion sketches of former political prisoner Iryna Senyk from Ukraine in 1989 to having her poetry translated and published in a deluxe art book.

Maria was the fashion designer of the Iryna Senyk embroidered dresses, did the layout and design of the White Aster of Love book, produced a Gala Premiere Book Launch at the Marriott Hotel in 1992 and subsequent traveling "Tribute to Iryna" slide show.

It was multi-facetted, time consuming, but very rewarding for all the good it generated.

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. : г LXII, #8 (3348), 23 , 2010: 7.


Butterfly Memories of Iryna Senyk
by Natalka Popowych.
Ukrainian Echo (Homin Ukrainy). Toronto: Vol. LXII, #1 (3341), Jan. 7, 2010: 14.

Report about the Memorial program organized by the League of Ukrainian Women of Canada held Dec. 6, 2009 in Toronto to commemorate the 40th day of Iryna Senyks passing Oct. 25, 2010 in Ukraine.

The story of Senyks life was retold by narration interwoven in between Irynas own poems.

Maria Rypan spoke about the White Aster of Love book project undertaken by the UCWLC of St. Demetrius, Toronto. Three ladies wearing their Iryna Senyk originals stood alongside. (photo on right)

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. : г LXII, #1 (3341), 7 , 2010: 14.


Tribute to Iryna
Photo collage by Maria Rypan.
Nahsa Doroha. Winter 1995: inside back cover of magazine.

Photos of visits and presentations to the Toronto Stitchery Guild and many Ukrainian Womens League of Canada branches throughout Ontario from 1993 to 1995.






In 1993, a Tribute to Iryna traveling show in both in English and Ukrainian was prepared by the UCWLC Book Committee.

The Tribute program included slides from the Premire multimedia presentation shown in sync with narration of a pre-recorded cassette. The images were fitted to the bilingual scripts from the Premire. To complete the story, photos of Irynas personal acceptance of her copy of the White Aster of Love were added.

A display of Irynas miniature embroideries were displayed and White Aster of Love books were for sale.

Lillian Yuryk narrated the English script; Elsie Stieglan recorded the Ukrainian version.
Eugene Rypan prepared the bilingual slides.







White Aster of Love Collection of Poetry, embroidery and Contemporary dress designs by Iryna Senyk.

Published by: Ukrainian Catholic Womens Leaugue of Canada, St. Demetrius Branch. Toronto. 1992.

Book Design and Layout: Maria Rypan
Jacket Design: Iryna Senyk & Maria Rypan

English translation of Poetry: Christine Borsuk

- 160 page deluxe edition
- 76 poems in Ukrainian & English individually ornamented;
- 48 embroidered fashion sketches;
- 27 photos of Irynas sketches fashioned into original creations by Maria Rypan.

ISBN: 0-9696167

Book Launch: Sep. 28, 2010,
Marriott Hotel, Toronto


The Thread of Life by Janice Dineen.
Toronto Star. Sep. 1992, Life Section: 1.

Interview with Iryna before the Premiere Book Launch of her White Aster of Love.


Ukrainian dissident stitched her way through prison by Bernadette Moira.
Toronto Star. Sep. 17, 1992: 14.

Anne Cromoshuk models her embroidered outfit at the Centennial Conservatory.
Photo by Oleh Iwanusiw.

Embroidery swatches by Maria Rypan.

Anne was featured in the Toronto Star article, but illness prevented her from participating in the Premire Fashion Show. She passed away a month later.


Our readers are exceptional by Marilyn Linton.
The Toronto Sun. Sep. 6, 1992: 21.

Designer Maria Rypan visited The Sun to talk about a unique publishing project called White Aster of Love which is a book combining Senyks poetry with her embroidery and clothing designs.

Later this month, Sep. 27th at 4 p.m., Iryna Senyk will be the guest at the book launch and fashion show in her honour.

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