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Welcome to my Portfolio. Ive divided my various projects and events into categories for easy reference. I enjoy teaching and sharing, so I can customize something for your group.

Maria at the Museum in Chicago, 2008

ARTICLES features my “Beadwork” projects, while IN THE PRESS includes publications which reprinted some of my projects as well as articles about my classes, presentations.

MEDIA includes DVDs of my appearances, archived TV episodes, and some
links to YouTube videos.

In PRESENTATIONS, see information about my shows about Ukrainian themes ranging from historic adornments to contemporary beadwork in Ukraine.

SEMINARS are visual presentations which were meant to educate and inspire beaders and crafters at the Creativ Festival. They are still valid for today.

SENYK “WHITE ASTER” features a very special project for promoting the poetry and embroidery of Iryna Senyk (1925-2009). I was the designer of 27 embroidered fashion outfits from her sketches; designer and editor of the deluxe bilingual book of poetry and fashion sketches; producer of a multimedia Première to launch Iryna Senyk’s White Aster of Love in 1992 and repackaged the presentation for subsequent road trips to promote it. I’ve summarized this project in a “Photo Album” Powerpoint.

UKRAINIAN PROJECTS is a new category to share some very special activities I got involved in. Each one leads to expanding my horizons and with some, opportunities to tour and gave presentations.

For more details, please contact me.

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