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G034-C – 3-Draped Cubes
– Swarovski®

It’s amazing how Swarovski® cubes can completely transform the character of a Victorian-inspired drape necklace! This excellent intro to beadweaving starts off with simple stringing. Next, fringe and swag between the center crystals. Continue fancy swags between the fringed crops and taper ends for a cascade.

Kit includes Swarovski® 6mm cubes and 4mm bicones or round crystals; Japanese 11/ seed beads; SS.925 clasp and bead tips; beading needles and NYMO thread

$48 bicone crystal kit ($11.50 pattern)
$60 round crystal kit ($11.50 pattern)
G034-p includes Supply List for DELICATE & BOLDER Necklace

Limited Edition:

- Crystal AB/ pearl