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LP-NET-1 – White Pearl
Looped Net Collar

This luscious collar starts with a solid netted base. Bugles are framed with accent beads. There’s a dash of color along the neck edge. The rest is a simple three-bead net. Once completed, string larger bead loops along the lower edge. For zing and definition, start loop with an accent bead. Overlap loops for a thick rich trim.

Kit includes coordinating #3 bugles and 10/ seed beads for base; 8/ seed beads for looped edge; clasp; beading needles and NYMO thread. Chain NOT included.

$35 kit ($11.50 pattern*)
*LP-NET-12-p includes a Supply List

Available in:
$35 kit LP-NET-1 Pearl/ white pearl & gold loop
$40 kit LP-NET-12 Ceylon pearl/ brass-lined crystal AB loop