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HR4-SB-NV – Beaded Soutache Herringbone 9” Bracelet

At first glance it looks like a braided soutache trim, but it’s really rich lush hex, seed beads and bugles beadwoven with a single needle and thread into a modern vintage classic. This unique off-loom herringbone version has some twists and turns. See the transformation before your eyes as you bead along.

Limited edition:
- Black hex/ s/l red
- Brown iris lt. hex
- Denim hex
- Fluorite purple hex/ green
- Funky grape hex
- Victorian Lavender

Kit includes Japanese 8/ hexagon beads, both 6/ and 10/ or 11/ seed beads, Czech #2 bugles; toggle clasp; beading needles; Fireline® stringing material

HR3-BS-p includes a Supply List for 20” necklace and 9” bracelet