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9” Tennis Bracelet
Diagonal Weave

New triangle beads along the beaded band edge frame a seed bead center. Start with a foundation and repeat the 3-bead by 2-bead sequence for a neat diagonal weave. Develop a rhythm and enjoy how the triangles click into place with a slight tug. Finish this eye-catching bracelet with a toggle. It’s a lot of fun.

Kit includes Japanese triangle beads, 8/ silver-lined crystal seed beads; toggle clasp; beading needles and thread

$23 for 9” bracelet kit ($9.50 pattern*)
*DGL124-R-p includes a Supply List for a bracelet & necklace set or just a bracelet

Limited edition:
- Crystal/ aquamarine shimmer
- Crystal/ amethyst shimmer
- Crystal/ grape shimmer
- Crystal/ periwinkle shimmer