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Rypan Designs a great source for learning how to beadweave your very own creations. Follow Maria’s clearly illustrated instructions in contemporary beadwork kits, patterns and books. Expand your appreciation of global folk arts.

Maria Rypan is a designer, artist and publisher of beadwork instruction books and a recognized expert on ‘gerdany’, the Ukrainian-style of beading. She enjoys transforming everything from seed beads to new Czech bead shapes into designs. Maria is pleased to be part of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. Her work is featured in many beadwork publications.

Best of all, Maria teaches beadwork classes internationally since 1995 at various shows, retreats, museums, shops and bead societies. Check out the USA and Canadian events for learning opportunities.

Pysanka coin released by the Royal Canadian Mint, Feb 2016




In Real Life:

Almost here! Panama Canal Bead Cruise from March 15 to 29, 2016 and I’m cruising! This bead cruise is organized by Amy Loh-Kupser of i-Beads.com. I’ll be joining beaders for the best of cruising, sightseeing and beading in the two weeks. Can’t wait!!

The Spring Creativ Festival is April 22 & 23rd at the International Centre in Toronto. Visit Rypan Designs at Booth #372 for all-inclusive kits and patterns. I’ll be doing two seminars: “Color Theory for Crafters”and “Beadwork: Finishing like a Pro” twice. Schedule your day around them these 45 min. visual presentations. They’re included in the admission price. Purchase your Creativ Festival tickets online soon.

Be sure to sign up for my 3-week Loomwork Series at BeadFX Tues evenings starting April 26, May 3 and 10th. In anticipation, I just ordered more custom-made wooden looms.

The “Walking With Our Sisters" installation will be at Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture & Lifeways in Mt. Pleasant, MI from April 23 - May 7th, 2016. This is in the very center of the Michigan mit – equally accessible from Chicago or Detroit. See and experience this sacred exhibition. I was fortunate to see it in Winnipeg in 2014.

BEadFABULOUS, a Toronto Bead Society event, is coming April 30th to the Toronto Reference Library, 2nd floor. This is a chance to take a several classes and do some shopping. Do take advantage of this opportunity and sign up early. Regretfully, I’ll be missing it as I will celebrating Easter on the Julian calendar because of the cruise.



My Honeycomb Netted Collar is already in circulation for the customers of Beadsmith. I’ve taught it at BeadFX in Feb and was very pleased with the color combos my students came up with.

If you like the pattern, ask your local bead shop for the pattern as part of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad program.

Meanwhile, I’m having fun playing with new Czech bead shapes for the Inspiration Squad.


I’m going back to Ukraine again end of May for a conference, to give a master class and, inspired by the Pysanka coin release, do a presentation about Pysanky of North America at the Pysanky Museum in Kolomyya. Afterwards, I’ll be off to visit with my Uncle in Kyiv.

Since I’m in Ukraine until June 14th, I’ll be missing the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee for the first time since 2003. Classes start from June 3 to 13th. The Marketplace is from June 10 to 12th. If you’re thinking of going, check out their classes and sign up soon.



Here’s my latest kit, V03-DR – Triple V Druzies, using novel-shaped electroplated hematite beads and druzies. This will be available at the Creativ Festival.

A pattern with a supply list for and 18” necklace will also be available.

Check back for other NEW STYLES which will be added  to the Catalogue by March 15th.



We’ve already published 43 Rypan Designs Newsletters full of inspirational stories, links to blogs, videos, events and classes and tips. Subscribe not to miss a doze of inspiration coming to your mailbox. Click here to read the back issues news.


I’ve come up with the perfect tool for helping you create great colors for your beadwork and crafts. It’s the PETAL COLOR WHEEL which I first presented to the West Toronto Bead Guild in Oct 2015.

It has individual color combos of analogous and complimentary colors for easier understanding and inspiration. You can download them from here for reference. See it in action at the Spring Creativ Festival during my seminar “Colour Theory for Crafters”.



Rypan Designs Now Offering Downloadable Beading Patterns

A selection of netted styles: is available as downloadable patterns for $8.95 each.

Within minutes of payment by Paypal you get a PDF with step by step instructions, a supply list, photos of other colour ways for inspiration and a finishing tip sheet.


CraftArtEducation: Preview my online class. Netting Primer is fully narrated with excellent photos of the steps in three parts which can be stopped at any time and replayed for your convenience.

It starts off with a solid Beadweaving Basics and has 5 variations of the basic net. A 30 page handout makes this the best Netting resource on internet. Check it out and add it to your resources.

Here is an excellent opportunity to have my personal assistance and instruction for a small price in your very own home.



Click on the link to the blogs anytime. Peruse through the “ABC’s of Creativity”.

See Kits in a separate section in the Catalogue for Rypan Designs beadwork kits and printed patterns. “Buy 4, get ONE* FREE” SPECIAL (*lowest price item, books excepted) applies at shows and online.



In the Press & Spinoffs:

Recently Released: A few of my gerdany and beadwork pieces are featured in Maria Chulak’s new book Beaded Adornments of the Carpathian Region, just published in Ukraine in Oct.

Maria Chulak looks at both historical and contemporary beadwork including imagery and symbols. She highlights a number of master beadweavers and some techniques.

The book is available on Yevshan.com.




Beady Activities:

Be sure to see “Walking With Our Sisters", a commemorative art installation for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada and USA. It is traveling around the NOrth American continent for several more years. My moccasin vamps are part of the 1725 pairs beaded by 1372 artists. 2016 continues with stops in Mount Kearsage Indian Museum in New Hampshire. Check their website to see when the installation will be in your community. It is very worthwhile spiritual experience.

From Apr 23 - May 7th, 2016, the “Walking With Our Sisters" installation will be at Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture & Lifeways in Mt. Pleasant, MI. This is in the very center of Michigan mit – equally accessible from Chicago of Detroit.

RYPAN DESIGNS introduced children to beading through the Jelly Collection. They’re all-inclusive line of kits of beads, cord and unique step-by-step photo instructions and perfect for gifts and birthday parties. BONUS!!! on-line photo instructions for ladders and daisies for your use!

Visit the Gallery and be inspired! See Maria's own Gallery, Student's work & Wedding stories complete with photos and kit references. Enjoy the eye candy and stories.

Peruse my Portfolio to see projects, published articles, presentation and seminar topics, plus what’s happening in the press

Learn How To Diagonal Weave Using Triangle Beads from my YouTube video. I show how to beadweave using two very different shapes of beads into a fun tennis bracelet.


Available Presentations & Workshops:



“Contemporary Prykrasy (Adornments) in Ukraine III” shows the latest trend in beadwork since the Maidan Revolution.

There’s a lot of 3-D florals and a return to traditional adornments. This covers 2013-2015


"Beader’s Paint Box" – a demonstration of colour theory and design for your bead projects. Since you cannot blend beads like paint, you’ll see how to effectively use bead finishes and colour placement.

“Pysanky & Traditional Dress of Ukraine” debuted Mar 2013 at the Regional Pysanky. The images are all new. Mostly from the Museum of Decorative Folk Arts in Kyiv. This presentation has the best combo of ‘pysanky’ with dress and folk arts of particular regions. Book it anytime because the costumes and ‘pysanky’ are timeless.

“Gerdany — Ukrainian Loomwoven Patterns”, is a visual show of how four different styles of loomweaving are created. Best way to learn is to book a Loomwork Series with custom-made wooden looms and choice of four RD Medallion and Swag patterns or kits.

“Beadwork: THE Most Versatile Art Form”, an inspirational seminar launched at Creativ Festival, and shows a good variety types of beading.

“Embellishing your World: Beading and Surface Designs” can change your world.

“Reinterpreting Nature: Adornments & Decor” is the latest eye candy edition combing all sorts of nature-inspired art, craft and architectural detail with beading. Curious?? I’d love to show it to your group.

“Tour of Gerdany Regions of Ukraine” comes with a companion “Ethnographic Regions” travelogue which gives a wonderful overview of Ukraine. I found it gives greater appreciation for the beadwork featured in the “Gerdany Beadwork Tour”.

“Contemporary Beadwork in Ukraine II” shows a variety of ways beads are used in creating jewelry, decor and in making beaded pysanky to 2012.

CLICK on Presentations and Seminars for more details. I come ready to teach beadweaving or loomwork.

Photo Album of the “White Aster of Love” Book Project (1989 to 1992 and beyond)” is about a unique embroidery and poetry project by dissident Iryna Senyk and a Women’s League in Toronto. Truly inspirational and ready to show anywhere.

See Events USA or Canada for full details for Creativ Festival, TBS Bead Fair, Bead & Button, Bead Fest, GLBG Bead Bonanza and more...


Happy beading,

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